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After having the possibility of sitting in traffic for hours waiting on the road to be cleared on a major highway I decided to split the lanes. I was amazed at a couple of things.

1. The amount of people that slid over for me so I can get by including a guy in a semi that moved over slightly and then waved me over.

2. The only couple of people who tried to block my path including a box truck who purposely road on the dotted white line so I couldn't split the lane. (It wasn't an issue with me. I merged back into the lane, got around him, and then continued to split.)

The rest of the people were either oblivious until I got by them or didn't care. In fact if I was stopped and didn't move forward at the slightest movement of the cars in front of us they went around me. It was like we were unconcerned with each other's forward progress until it was time for us to merge into the one lane to get around the traffic accident.

I think that it should be legal and TAUGHT in MSF courses.
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