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Originally Posted by farmerstu View Post
the saying is "you can't know what you don't know"
countersteering in the way any single track vehicle steers the instant you pick your feet off the ground. there is no "speed" at which it kicks in.
while looking where you want to go probably makes a rider countersteer it isn't going to do the job when there is no time to turn the head and look. when what's called for is a quick yank on the bars.
also push and pull should be equally easy. I.E. a sharp swerve and recovery should be automatic with either hand.
I can't help but think you are sure you know how to aggressively counteersteer but you really don't . like several people have said in this thread , they rode for years but only thought they knew what they were doing.

why are you so dead set on this not being important ?
I just have a hard time with people who teach new people how to ride filling their head with unnecessary information. There is enough for a new person to concentrate on when they are out there riding and practicing. Adding more information than necessary makes it not only more confusing and difficult but potentially more dangerous. Countersteering is a "nice to know" for those who have been riding for a while just to learn the physics, but unnecessary for a new rider.
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