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Your scenario is EXACTLY how my wife crashed her Buell after she had been riding for about a year.

To answer your question, no, ABS would not have made a lick of difference here. The gravel still would have caused the front to wash if she was braking hard while turning.

Glad your wife is OK.

Mine get a very bruised knee and an impressive cut on her shin, as well as managing to scrape the hell out of the face shield on her helmet somehow.
She also decided, about six months or a year later, to stop riding. She didn't like having concentrate so much, and things weren't coming easier for her. I think she never really got over that spill, which is too bad, but I never pushed it. Riding is not for everyone. I was happy she even did it for a few years, and so is she, because now she can brag to her friends about how she used to ride a motorcycle, and then the photos come out and everyone is impressed. If that makes her happy, it makes me happy.

Short story...if your wife is hesitant to keep riding after this, DO NOT PUSH IT.
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