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Originally Posted by luckygrownup View Post
Would this device help with low rpm remapping ? My 2013 R1200 GSA seems to run to rich and occasionally stalls out when slowing down to a stop. It also pops when cool. I use 93 Octane fuel and ride at sea level. I want a leaner fuel remap on my GSA. Would this do it ? I also want the flexibly to clear the real map in case I ride in higher elevations. My bike always seemed to ride too rich right from the day I bought it with 13 miles. I have 8000 miles on my bike and commute on it 1/2 the time.
Popping and stalling is due to being too lean. Some cycles are too lean for complete combustion, which leaves unburnt hydrocabons in the exhaust. They accumulate and ignite, causing the pop.

The ICE air does not change the map. It only modifies the input to the ECU to get it to use a slightly richer part of the map on transient throttle. This is covered in the links.

If you are using gas with ethanol, try using E0 gas with no ethanol. Ethanol requires more air, which makes the engine run lean. Not all engines compensate fully for it.
Also try 91 octane. GSes run on it in states like California which do not have 93 octane. It will have a bit more energy per liter than 93. If you get detonation, then you would need to switch back to 93. But since GSes are tuned for the swill that passes for gasoline here in California, it should not be a problem. But switching to E0 would be more important for addressing your lean running symptoms.

Modern fuel injected engines compensate for altitude. They don't run rich like a carbureted engine.
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