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Originally Posted by dhubbard422 View Post
Amazing terrain. BIG obstacles. Looks like fun, well the smaller stuff does...

FWIW, from my quick research, i.e. glancing at the Nat'l results from time-to-time, attendance was down at pretty much all of the Nat'l events in 2013. We see that trend, to a lesser degree, at local events too. I hope that is a trend that reverses direction.
Well it doesnt help that they jack entry fees up and almost seems like they want to discourage minders with a 100.00 late fee sign ups.
Lets face it, Trials is not a spectator friendly sport,
In the past, i dont really remember even a spectator fee. now every venue had a $10.00 per person tag,
you this might not be a big deal to some, but when some are spending gas fuel, lodging, bike main cost, on top of a $80 X 6 events X 2 Riders, thats almost a $1K alone in sign up fees...
With a lot of the special events in the past I have raced or rode, they at least throw you a T shirt at the event..
But I do also know that those funds help the local club, and I think the TDN Team, so I truly hope it is being used for the cause..
As far as more attendance, maybe we should do the stadium style trials thats popular in Europe??
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