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Mike , now that you bring up the snake story I am curious
if Mexico has any controls on owning or breeding such truly
dangerous exotic species. I know they are trying to educate
the public to stop putting wild birds in cages but still keep seeing
the poor things suffering . This past march a small bike passed us with
a full cage of small green parrots blown to one side against the mesh,
I was shocked, sad and angry , " You rotten SOBs" I yelled in my helmet.
These snakes may not be venomous but grown full size they can kill
smaller animals and people. Just recently in Quebec an escaped
pet shop boa strangled to death two small boys living in the apartment
above. And the problem of discarded " pet" boas ( and many other animal
species) let loose in Florida wreaking havoc on the native wildlife are a well
known tragedy unfolding. One would think people would have learned from
the earlier mistakes of introducing foreign wildlife in Australia and many other
places .But I guess stupidity and vanity demand that people have such wildlife
to show off and brag about how tough and cool they are and greedy suppliers
will breed them or plunder natural sources to make millions from the insanity.
Just like drug trade. And ignorant foreigners trying to buy Mexican parrots etc etcetc is the same story of stooopidity! Raccoons, mink, muskrats and skunks from the Americas are now in Europe!
With Mexico's climate these kind of exotic animals would have a heyday, breed as fast as people and totally ruin the Mexican ecosystems.They are all wonderful animals, but they do not belong in something other than their original environment.
Camping would not be safe !
How sad .
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