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Day 6. I dunno, 6-700 kms. You look it up. Forgot to reset trip meter.

We left the hotel late and got our Timmy fix. Following the Trans Can Hwy 1 we wanted to go through Banff National Park and see the sights while travelling. There is no charge for the park if you're just passing through. If you're going to do this route then take #1A through Canmore for more sights and scenery. I've been there a few times and wanted more mileage instead. Having reached Lake Louise and needing fuel anyway, we stopped in. It's a Canadian thing, you have to see it.'s popular! After waiting on the RV's and SUV's to fuel we got our chance. We headed for the parking lots and Holy F! We COULD NOT get a spot for even one bike! Oh there are many lots and spots but this place was PACKED! After circling a half hour we managed to find room beside a RV in the compact car section......

Where's the lake?

Radioface at the lake.

She makes it look better......

Did I mention it was packed? We had to wait in line to pose for the pics. I cropped out the inconsiderates. They have canoe rentals there and I'd have loved to do that given more time. At least the rental place wasn't busy. There were hiking trails all around and another lake further away. I bet it would be more peaceful there and with vacant parking spots. Bec wanted ice cream so we crammed ourselves sideways into the shop and waited. A candy shop full of whiny spoiled kids who were stuck in a car for hours. Great. Yep, pack'em full of sugar and cage them up for a few more hours. Enjoy your trip parents. Um...we don't like kids all that much. We have pets.

Been there, done that. Beautiful nonetheless. Can you believe we couldn't find a single decal for my topcase? Met a group of local bikers and yapped for a bit. That was good at least. Practise my PR skills.

If you have to ask, you can't afford it. We didn't.

The Airlines would have a field day with all this luggage!

WHO CARES? I'm packin' Camel!

Left Louise and packed on the miles Found peace again away from the masses. It was so quiet on the roads now that we stopped for gas, filled up then couldn't find anyone to pay. We're not in the US......

Some tunnels were lit:

Some were not. I didn't realize how "glowy" I was. What brand helmet?

Ended up in Revelstoke for a break. Bec fancied a nice hotel with Hot Springs and Spas. She booked a room and made reservations at a place she was told was a half hour up the road. Raided the liquor store, fueled up and left. 10 mins into the ride the street numbers were going the wrong way. It started to rain so we pulled over. No Service! If you're Canadian and want to travel F Rogers! It never works off the beaten path here. Even most of the East Coast wasn't supported. My 3 yr plan is up but I didn't get time to switch. Break down in the Boonies and your BBerry is worthless. Not good if you were to hit a Bighorn Sheep and need 911. Anyway we turned around and went back into service range. This time the receptionist said "No, not that highway, the other one AND it's an hour, not half." OK, cancel it then! Yeah Zumo was useless for finding that place. Like the 30 yr old gas station earlier.

We decided to stay in Revelstoke and went to the Motel Swiss Chalet. It looked nice but the price for the "last room" was stupid. I surveyed the empty parking lot and wanted to ask "Did they all walk here or are they just out for dinner?" Tourist tricks. Found a back street motel for less than half. All we needed. Met a retired couple on his KTM 950 Adventure and her F650GS single. We'd passed them awhile back but they were ahead of us now all unpacked and relaxing! They tour all over together. We got their address in Colorado and an open invite. A good finish to the day.
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