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Day # 16 - Moab

Rolled out of the tent early and off we went. Not a super long day but still 250 miles in 95+ degree heat again. At this point I'm starting to be over the desert heat and I'm ready to get up into the mountains.

Still have 3 days planned in Moab so need to shove that thought down and enjoy what the Moab area has to offer.

The drive from Capitol Reef to Moab had some scenic twisty roads. 24 highway was fun until you hit the 70. Only had to do 15 miles on I-70 until we hit highway 191. I-70 and the 191 are ZZZZZZzzzzzz......

Mama getting artsy fartsy on a break. Yes I was born ass deficient.

So we make it the 250 miles and we're in Moab. I know we are going to be at a nice resort with a fridge so we stop and get groceries. We load up since we'll be here 3 days and then we hop back on the bike.

Granted it's been a HOT 250 miles (almost 100 degrees) so we're pretty much over the bike as it's now noon and the sun is cooking.

GPS takes us north out of town and we're reeling off the miles to Red Cliffs Lodge. GPS says it's another 35 miles out of town. Sounds a bit high since I think the ads said 15 miles out of town. The GPS has been off by quite a bit a few times so I don't think twice about it since it's got us to our destination every time.

Welllll..... That was error #1. So we go 35 miles and then it tacks on another 20 out of no where. I'm thinking WTH? OH well. Sucks but we'll keep banging.

That was error #2

Get to the destination and then it magically recalibrates and now says we are 55 miles away from Red Cliffs Lodge BACK THE SAME WAY WE JUST CAME.

Nothing else to do but spin the bike around and go back.

I think at this point Mama turned the volume way down on her Sena Headset because there was more swear words coming out of my mouth than anything else

Another 110 mile detour to make our days ride 360 miles instead of 250.

Anyhoo.... Got to Red Cliffs and oh man was this just what I needed after 16 days in 95+ degree heat and this long/hot/BS day.

Beautiful scenery, winery at the resort, good food, air conditioning, Colorado river running right by and a friggen POOL!!! HOT DAMN!!! I think I just found HEAVEN!

The Pool:

View out our Patio:

View from the Restaurant/Back Patio:

Mama having a well deserved cocktail:

Had some big lightning storms our first night:

Got to love Utah Beer. Polygamy Porter. "Why have just one!!"

Great place to have a wedding:

Pretty sunrise the following morning....

Days Route with Green line showing detour:

Day 17 to come... Arches National Park

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