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8-29-13 In Dublin

When I bought my ticket for the ferry to Dublin,I brilliantly used all my remaining Sterling money and put the remainder on my credit card. When I got to the Port in Dublin I had a problem.The port is not close to anything.I needed a ride to the hotel.Cab drivers accept Sterling money,even though the Euro is their currency.There aren't any ATM's around. One cab driver agreed to take US dollars. He was trying to take me for a ride. He took me to the wrong Travelodge even though I was telling him he was going to the wrong one.He said it was on the way to the other one. NOT

I turned my GPS on.The hotel was 4.2 mile from the dock-straight line. 7.9 miles on the road.When I turned the GPS on he eventually said he would not charge the full fare.The meter reading would have been $57.He said $35.I guess I was lucky he accepted US currency.


It was a 4 mile walk to the airport. I had time and didn't want to get any Euro's from an ATM for a cab.I was a little sweaty when I got there.

My flight went to Chicago.Then I switched planes before going on to Cincinnati. And there,my wife is waiting for me. I'm finally home.
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