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Originally Posted by 1911fan View Post
Yes. I've been doing it since Day One, because that's how I do shit. Ethically. I've been doing it in this area since the early 90s and am working with the kids of some of my earlier customers.
If you tell people the truth, you don't have to remember what you told them. There are service writers locally who sell $1400 30K services on new Subarus, I'm not one of them. I make a decent living, and when I bump into customers at the store or wherever, we often stop and shoot the breeze. I don't have to dodge one aisle over and hide behind the canned peas, and I like it that way.
I'm sure I could make more money hammering people.

That was my MO for 20 years, small dealership so we grew exponentially. In five years became the largest Saab franchise in upstate NY and the owner spent zilch on advertising, sales staff was the same, straight shooters, took transaction a-z, none of this pass the customer off to finance etc. All word of mouth. We had people trading other high line cars in just to do business with us.

95% of our customers would give us carte blanche when they came in for service, many were docs, lawyers business execs etc, and said rather than bother them just do what it needed. Most cars never saw another repair shop either, we did all the work, including selling them tires!!! You can be very efficient if the mechanic does not have to diagnose, estimate, and wait for approval, rather just do it.

That was until the Mega dealership took us over, and started screwing with the way we did business, I left, telling them I was raised too honest to work for them.

Good On Ya, for being a ray of hope amongst the sharks and charlatans!
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