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So, after watching MotoGP practice and qualifying all morning I took off about noon for a ride. Filled up my Fred-pack and headed out for roads.
That was hot and hard. I filled a bottle at a park on the way back and drank a good bit as long as I was there. I should have added some to the pack. I ran out of all fluids about a 1/4 mile from home. That's a little close.
Got home grabbed a ice cold water bottle from the fridge, upstairs to lay on ice, and cool down. Worked great.

Maxed my hr at 171 and averaged 140.
No KOM's were ever in any danger.
My back never hurt a bit the entire time. I did have to stop in the shade a few times to cool down. My shoes are burning my feet, or rather the second toe on either foot goes numb, (both have been broken multiple times and are a bit mishapen), I aired them a tad in the shade up on the big hill. Time to go find shoes.

I accomplished what I set out to do, find a route to the ocean as an alternative to my usual out and back along the river. If I continued on the Stevens Canyon Trail I would land in the Newport Backbay. Also I know where the water and toilets are now so I can get a good bit of climbing in and score about 70 miles. Now, I just need the fitness to manage that.
Nothin' wrong with that ride. I think your doctor may be an idjit.

Had a good day up in the mountains today on what may be the toughest climb I've done to date. The descent hurt too, hands went numb from the vibes and my neck was aching after being tucked in for so long. A tough but rewarding ride.

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