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Hi RP.
I just rode home to Atlanta after completing the GDR. Great ride.
As I was riding, I was wondering how the Ural handled New Mexico. Everything previous looked doable until NM. The section from Cuba to Grants was especially challenging--there had been a lot of rain, and there were many wash outs. You must have had some different tracks than I did, because I spent the afternoon building ramps so that I could get my KLR out of the washes. I could have really used your shovel

If you get your tracks squared away, I would like to look at them. I want to put together a set of tracks which are fun to ride without some of the bike breaking/dinking around sections.

As an aside, I ran into your merry band of tweakers in Columbus, MT. I was eating breakfast in McDonalds, and a cute young girl with matted hair and Grateful Dead clothes was pan handling for gas money (we need gas, almost home!) I offered to put $20 of gas in her car when I gassed up my bike which she balked at (was looking for cash.) We had some conversation and I put 2+2 together, saw the van, and told her to have a nice day. She was the happy face of the group--the rest looked pretty scary. Somehow, I doubt that these are kids out for some youthful indiscretion.

Great ride report. I have really enjoyed it. Thanks for spending the time to share your story. When you get done, make a PDF of the R/R and save it for when you are old. It would make a good read for you some day.

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