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Originally Posted by motoroberto View Post
Was wondering if you grizzled gringos and seasoned Mexicanos would be able to offer some advice. In about 3 weeks I will be riding down to Oaxaca.

I will be getting my TVIP, tourist card and insurance online this week.

I will most likely be entering at Matamoros.

Was wondering if there are any preferred border crossings? Or preferred aduanas for when I'm leaving (to cancel the tvip)?
Any preferred routes south or routes/towns to avoid?

Any hotels to recommend in Oaxaca or Puerto Escondido?

Looking forward to your advice.
You can start by avoiding Matamoros. Not really on any route to anywhere. Consider Pharr or Anzalduas Bridge depending on your route south. Do you have a trip profile to share? That would help seeking advice. I'd avoid the coastal plains in favor of a highland route. Unless you just enjoy the crinkling sound of brain cells dying from boredom. Better vistas, better roads, better climate in the mountains. Fresnillo has been hot lately with Zeta activity. Not that it would affect a gringo riding through. Recently stayed there with no troubles. Go around Mexico City unless you really want to see it. Can be tough navigating on a bike.

A route through the Sierra Madre Oriental to Puebla and/or Veracruz then on to Oaxaca is my input for starting your route planning. PM me if you want more detailed input.
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