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Originally Posted by concours View Post
ABS isn't the answer. She needs more training/experience. I contend that SOME people who begin motorcycling later in life, never really get really good at it... and SOME do.
I don't think either of us expect she'll ever be a "really good" rider as in a technical or aggressive rider who gets every inch of performance out of a bike, drags the pegs in the twisties, troubleshoots a suspension setup, critiques a bike's equipment or handling, etc. The expectation is that she would be a basic rider who could ride around our local area on social and/or scenic rides.

She's had other bikes before. This is her third bike and the sixth one she's ridden. It's been that she rides a bit, then gets busy with work, tennis, work, yoga, work (mostly work) and the riding gets put off and put off and the bike just sits. We have sold other bikes because she wasn't using them.

She's the one that asked that I keep this bike for her (I had been using it as an easy-to-ride play bike) rather than sell or trade it in (I bought two new bikes for myself last year). This year I'd said that either she should ride regularly or not at all and we'd been making it a priority to ride every weekend and if possible once more during the week.

She's taken courses, but at what point is someone who is motorcycle-licensed "allowed" to just go out and ride? Isn't that how you get riding experience? Can she ONLY ride in a course until she's an expert? How could she ever get enough riding experience if the only time she rode was in a class? How many classes did everyone else here take before they just went for a ride?

This started out as an ABS question (the answer was no) and has become something else entirely, which is okay and is par for the course around here. So maybe the new question is, at what point is she "cleared" to go on a ride rather the follow a line of other bikes around a training exercise?

Though what I'm seeing in her crash is an example of how a moment's brain fade is of much greater consequence on a motorcycle than in a car. Cars nowadays have ABS that, it being a car, you can brake & turn at the same time. And stability control in case you turn too much. In this case she reverted to car mode and "drove" her motorcycle as she would have driven her car, which could have taken the same line and the same control sequence all day long without crashing.
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