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Originally Posted by slackjaw View Post
Instead we get the two of you quietly obsessing over a minor incident for weeks.
Well shit, isn't that exactly what this sub-forum is for?

I'm a dirt rider, I fall down all the time, maybe I get banged up a little. When this happened with my wife, I was riding with a bruised thigh from crashing in a rock garden a couple of days before. On the ORV trails in the same State forest that we were trying to take the dirt road through.

The difference is that it seems like every time my wife falls down, she gets an injury that calls for medical attention. For this one she's had an x-ray, an MRI and has been in physical therapy twice a week. She's just now (8 weeks later) taking a few steps without a cane and before that she was on first two crutches and then one. The last time she fell down in dirt (last year) she broke ribs. Unfortunately maybe she needs to stay on pavement. That would be unfortunate as what we have going for us around here are great dirt roads.
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