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Visited the 'carb room' at the local salvage yard. An entire shipping container packed front to back top to bottom with a path down the middle of just carburators. Didnt find a single one that was even remotely close. Almost left dejected until the guy who runs the counter told me they might have one in storage 'upstairs'.

Went upstairs and there were 4-5 blue plastic tubs full of carbs. Searched through all of those and didnt find a single one. Went to walk out of the room and on the corner of a shelf all by itself was a black mikuni vm32 left hand spigot carb with the same number stamping as mine. Woohoo!

Put it in carb dip for 8 hours, pulled it out and blasted all the black paint off (its a nice pretty aluminum now) and cleaned the hell out of it. Threw it on the bike last night, didnt start it though, i wanted to go to sleep not disappointed. Got some fresh gas in it this morning, wouldnt start cause the throttle cable wasnt in the boot all the way. Fixed that, and it fired right up.

Tooling down the street it runs perfectly. Nice smooth off idle, all the way through the power band, out the other side where it starts to run out of steam. It actually pulls now where before it would just sort of go faster.

So, i did the thing i tell people to never do, just replace the carburator. I still have no idea what was wrong with the old one. Same jetting, same model carb. The only part i transferred over was the throttle slide cap. I held them up next to each other, every part is identical. There must be a cracked casting or something where i can't see it. I hate to end projects without actually finding out what was wrong but, oh well.
Might have saved you an awful lot of time if you had read my earlier posts suggesting you tried a different carb? In terms of carbs, you can get brand new 32mm OKO flat slides for $49, which would work very well indeed on a DT400.
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