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Originally Posted by AWM View Post
Ok fuckers,,,,,whats going on here?
Im out for the west trip,,,,so,,,,,,,little bikes,,,whos ride'n trails?

Ill go just to hang with my old pal's,Merc,and yes even evil.
All I got is little bikes that piss people off,,so tell me its worth thrown one in the Sprinter.
Awww, sucky, now. Let's go AWM. You'll freakin' love the loop I put together. (And PBR tallboy sixxers are $4.99).

And for others, like MajorHavoc, the beauty of CroMag and VT in general, is that there is great riding everywhere no matter the kind of bike you ride. Finding the good dirty bits takes a bit more effort, so I've put together some tracks to keep the truly unruly dirty riders happy.

From Harleys to trail-hounds, the goods will be found.
da Vermonster

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