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i just want to post some thoughts on the subject. personal, subjective thoughts. but so often even among some riders lane splitting is seen as dangerous or reckless. it can be of course. sometimes conditions dictate that. but that is no reason not to love doing it. and i love it

i think a big part of it is being a car driver in SoCal for 27 years BEFORE i ever rode a motorcycle. being a new rider in middle age i didn't hop on a bike at 20 and never feel the weight and REALITY of what it means to drive a car around Greater L.A for almost three decades. i felt it but did not know it. it just was. when i started riding the invisible weight was lifted and lane splitting just blows it away

i split "at speed" while traffic is moving. that is my lane, thank you. i split when road work is being done, i snake in and out of traffic and slide by mere inches from fuming city buses. right hand turners are great as they block the right lane waiting on crossing pedestrians and make it mine as i swoop around and take it, road open ahead

tonight i split and stopped for gas and a bite. leaving 10 minutes later i noticed cars at a light i had passed ten minutes before. they continued on two minutes ahead and i caught them and passed again, splitting right by. its like time travel, but its real

its my favorite part of riding. i feel like i am not supposed to say that. too risky to be fun, take it seriously. that goes without saying for all riding. and splitting and riding are not always just fun. or fun at all

but splitting is beyond that for me. it a whole and complete experience. and i like the feel of riding inches from cars, sliding by ever so deftly, and leaving it all behind. for me, that is the beauty of riding

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