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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
Maybe I missed it but why are you encouraging your wife to ride a motorcycle?
Because she wanted to.

She first learned how the controls worked on an XR-80 we had for the kids. Our youngest is 23 now so that was a long time ago. Everyone else in the family rode to some extent, though only one of the four kids has owned a motorcycle as an adult. She'd ride around the yard (we had a track), ride up & down our 400 ft. dirt driveway, ride on the old uninhabited and unmaintained town road behind our house, ride 1/4 mile each way back and forth to that on the sparsely traveled dirt road we lived on (not legal but more like no harm, no foul where we lived).

Then she went to MSF and rode their range bike, got her license and a DR-200. Would ride that around the dirt roads but at putt-putt speeds. Wanted to try the trails to see where I went all day. On the easiest trail I could find (and I know them well, I used to trailboss events for our club), she lost control of her body position going over a waterbar, was thrown forward on the bike, her elbows were driven down, this cranked on full throttle in 1st and she rammed a tree. Ten years later you could still see the gash on the tree, we've gone to look at it. Broke her thumb. We repaired the bike but she wasn't much into it after that and we eventually sold the bike after it sat for a couple of years.

Then after some time had passed she was ready to try it again and I jumped through a lot of hoops to get a TT-R125L (big wheel mini kid's bike) street titled & tagged for her. Perfect size! She started riding again and took the MSF-Dirt on a range bike so as not to risk the signals & mirrors on her bike. She wisely didn't try actual trails any more (the trails around here are rife with rock, roots and mud) but would ride dirt roads and "woods roads", some of you might call them "fire roads".

One day we were on a 2-track through an open field of ferns. Pretty spot, old farm land, you can see the stone walls. We came upon a Jeep. The driver courteously stopped and waved us around. I rode around. My wife started to, but frightened to be so close to another vehicle (even though it was stopped) she stalled next to it and tipped over away from it. As it happens there was a pile of cut brush right there, a soft spot to fall on. BUT: instead of closing her fist, bending her elbow and landing on her forearm, she stuck her hand out with a straight elbow and her fingers spread. Like a gesture a woman might make in a "stay away from me creep" social situation.

Her hand went through the pile and one of the sticks caught her thumb and bent it back. Dislocated it (the other thumb than the one she previously broke). Kept the bike a few more years but she rode it less and less and we finally sold it.

Some more time passes and I have the XT-225, an odd bike for me to have but I had it. Was cleaning it up to sell when I came out and found her sitting on it, saying she thought she could ride it, don't sell it. So I didn't, except for transferring the title to her. It's HER bike now, with a top case to put her purse in. She rode it last year until she rode into a ditch on a dirt road and as she low-sided she lifted her elbow as she landed on her side, so took the impact on her ribs instead of her arm and broke some ribs. The bike didn't need any repair beyond straightening a bent turn signal bracket, but that ended her season.

This year we'd been riding once or twice every week and she was doing great, really enjoying the local roads and dirt roads. Until this crash. It's bizarre, as I still ride trails at least a little (weakened by my medical condition, I don't do it a lot any more) and so crash MUCH more often than she does. She crashes on dirt ONCE A YEAR but gets injured EVERY TIME. She's had a few pavement zero mph stall-drops but has never been hurt on pavement. She may have to give up dirt, which was the first thing she rode.
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