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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
I get your drift (did I really come up with a pun!) just like hitting washboard in a corner.

but I'll bet you were not making an abrupt turn from one road to another

I'd really like to have ABS for emergency situations, but IMHO, if it activates any other time, you could improve your smoothness
That's why I said maybe. I was on a road that I know very well, but recently the ditch had flooded and spread dirt and gravel all over a left hander.

It might have helped her and it might not have. I don't disagree with the folks who say more training and more thoughtfulness when leading noob is in order.

Typically on asphalt I'll have the rear ABS activate when I'm heavily engine braking before a turn. In fact it will activate the moment I touch the rear brake meaning I'm already slightly skidding the rear from engine braking and being hard on the front brakes.
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