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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
Well that's why I asked in the first place, and everybody told me "NO". This was NOT a case of somebody leaning a bike over and THEN grabbing a handful of brakes. It was that she was braking already, going straight, and then started to turn onto a looser surface while still on the brakes. I was wondering if under those conditions, ABS would have eased the braking force. But everyone else told me "NO".
ABS isn't interested in if you first start to brake and then turn or first start to turn and then brake. It just releases the brakes if the wheel locks.

Originally Posted by randyo View Post
as sophisticated as ABS will ever get to be, it will never prevent side slip till were running spheres as wheels
If the side slip results from braking and the side grip is enough to hold you upright without you braking, it - in some way - WILL:
However, when the wheel is already sliding, the grip is a bit lower than while turning, what means if you are using very much side grip and have very little grip left to brake, that small difference could be enough to let you slip further.
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