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Just got back from 940 miles in 2 days through all kinds of terrain. Super slab, long sweeping curves, tight twisties, single lane half pavenment half dirt roads and even about 25 miles of complete off road. I wish there was more off road inspired tires for the 1200 MTS. I think it would be great fun in endure mode with off road type tires. After my last trip a few weeks ago, 3300 miles in 10 days, I kicked around the idea of getting a new bike. What was I thinkin?? I really love this bike!! Ive had it 18 months now and have just a touch under 21000 miles. Its treated me awesome so far. A few sets of tires, a new chain, 2 headlight bulbs and regular service. I did however notice something today and yesterday I am curious if anyone else had seen. When I refueled, the bar gauge was way off. I didn't notice till about 10 miles after the gas station, but at that point it was showing half full. Then over the next 30 or miles it climbed up to full. Then it didn't show a drop till I had done nearly 70 miles. Showed my range at 235 miles after I already did 70. Any idea what could be going on? I follow my trip meter more then the gauge, but it is still under warranty so why not get it fixed if it is a problem, right?
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