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Originally Posted by Homey View Post
You only need ATGATT if you fall off. Don't fall off and you don't need it. On my commute I'm in jacket, helmet, gloves and boots but if I'm carving canyons it's full leathers...
Let's extrapolate this a little.

You only need ATGATT for abrasion and impact protection if you fall off.

For myself and possibly one or two other folks, the rest of the time ATGATT will make the rider more comfortable by reducing dehydration, sunburn, windburn, and other exposure-related issues in hot climes, and with layers or electrics underneath can beat cold weather as well.

Year-round it is there to catch the bugs, small debris and the like off the road that would otherwise impact the wife-beater shirt, bare arms, and legs, and those oh-so-cute flip-flops at highway speeds. Thus bringing the absence of ATGATT to the attention of that rider, post haste. (not Homey, just those folks we see riding like this)

As for leathers, if you have sweat heavily in them, been in rain, or just worn them fairly often for a year or more the seam strength and abrasion resistance will have likely been reduced significantly. Replacing leathers regularly due to the effects of these things on leather is an additional cost of wearing leather for protection. I haven't heard much good about leather for comfort, nor is it practical for daily wear.

Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar (not like ANY other mesh gear) is an example of gear that testing has shown to be a little stronger than NEW competition leather in abrasion resistance and TEN TIMES as strong in seam strength. The material won't deteriorate over use and will last a long time. For street riding this product made the most sense to me after considering all the options.

When I talk about me wearing gear all the time, I am talking about gear that can be worn comfortably all the time over my clothes. Gear that is designed to be easy to get into and out of also adds to this comfort aspect. I can be in or out of the gear in a minute, and knocking about in regular clothes at work or at play.

Comfort is the most significant reason for ATGATT. The greater protection provided is a secondary consideration worthy of merit. For me it was the icing on the cake. The cake itself was being able to ride hundreds of miles per day for consecutive days in comfort.

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