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Originally Posted by scottrnelson View Post
I can remember leading a small group ride a few years back where I had one very experienced rider along and one fairly new rider on a Ninja 250. We needed to make a U-turn on a country road, so I stopped the group first, then I turned around, the experienced rider turned around, and the 250 rider didn't really start turning sharply until half way around the turn, and he accelerated too much, so when he went off in the dirt on the other side he hit the front brake and down he went. No injuries to either the rider or the bike, just some dirt and dust on both.
You should not be teaching that guy how to ride!

That guy should take a class!

You should have bike-to-bike intercom with that guy so you can warn him!

Except that nobody is saying that because he is just another guy and expected to be responsible for his own ride.

But substitute your wife for that guy and people have been saying all that to me.
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