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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
She also likes to ride as passenger but wants her own bike too.

She's said she sometime learns more by riding as passenger, sort of learn by example/observation rather than being given instructions. Things she's said after riding as passenger behind me:

After riding through town and going around a city block: "I can't believe you can make such square turns!" Helped her to realize what's possible.

After riding on some high speed sweepers: "I can't believe how little effort it takes you to get the bike to turn!" Reviewed countersteering and peg weighting.

After demonstration of high performance acceleration after finding us first vehicle at a traffic light with a 55 mph section ahead of us: "I can't believe how fast you shifted, did you skip some gears or something?" Again, showing what's possible.

If newbs just ride by themselves, well seat time is good, but sometimes they don't realize what they could be doing differently/better. It's like the pilots' saying along the lines of "he doesn't have 1,000 hrs. of experience, he just has the same hour 1,000 times".
Good point at the end there that most of the high mileage , but little experience experts don't get.
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