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First exposure as a kid riding a friend's honda 60?. As I recall you had to shift, but not use a clutch.

Promptly rode it into his fence. Undaunted I got up and took off around the yard again and went wide and that same section of chain link fence grabbed the bars as I went by and I crashed yet again.

Short while later at the local riding area I was running around everywhere on that bike and he set me up on his Kawi 175. At the time that bike seemed a huge thing. Immediately I thought "WOW, this is so much better with the extra power". And I didn't crash it.

Anyhow he moved away not to long after taking his bikes with him.

Not too long after that I ran into a friend of my sisters with her new xmas bike, a yamaha 125. It was inauguration day 1981. Boy oh-howdy did I crash that bike bigger than shit. Put myself in the hospital for a couple of surgeries to save my foot. The bike, as I understand it they saved the engine and grips, mebbe tires, but not much else.

I moved away shortly thereafter. Next encounter with bikes was friends having bikes as young adults and occasionally letting me ride them essentially around the block, 750 Virago, 750 interceptor, 700 nighthawk. Didn't crash them, tho it was close on the Virago, not a cruiser guy I guess.

Then a long dry spell,... until 2007 when I went out and on a whim bought a 2007 XT225. Then I made an effort to finally learn how to ride. Lotsa reading and lots more parking lot practice until I took my test for license.

Got a long ways to go, still learning.
Excellent, our country is now run by folks that would allow you to smoke pot in Washington State, but not buy a Big-Gulp in New York.

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2011, $1000 in the pocket, how far can we go
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