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Originally Posted by tokyoklahoma View Post
As for why she gets hurt when she falls and you don't, that's simple. You know how to fall and she doesn't.
Yup. Although she is athletic, as with most women in her age group, her main sports were non-contact, tennis and swimming. Though she did ski for many years and fell down a lot doing that (she quit skiing after knee surgery). From the skiing I thought she would have had better falling reactions.

Right after this crash she said to me "I remembered how you said not to put my hand out" so at least she retained that. This time she fell onto her armored forearm and elbow pads instead on an outstretched hand. She didn't have as much as a scratch or bruise on her upper body.

Unfortunately the reason she had a leg injury is that the swingarm landed on top of her boot and pinned it to the ground. That's how she was still lying when everything came to a stop. She had a little forward momentum when she hit the ground and her body wanted to roll to absorb it, but she couldn't roll because the swingarm was pinning her foot.

The direction of her injury was the foot rotated inward in relation to her body. Because her body wanted to rotate outward but the foot was pinned. This was an unfortunate random outcome, if she had separated from the bike more she would likely have just dusted herself off and rode away.
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