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Originally Posted by Salzig View Post
A bit OT.
I'm always surpised by the oil changes interval you are reporting.
Here in Europe (at least in Italy) for new cars, tightest change intervals are 15000km (~9500mi), normal intervals are 25000km (15500mi). Diesel or gasoline doesn't count.
Last service on my car, a Suzuki SX4 with 15000km, the dealer didn't even changed the oil, as the oil pollution meter on the dash said it would have lasted another ~20000km.
How many miles do you expect from your cars / engines?

We've had a number of different makes and models (some American, some Japanese) that seem to have a good chance of making it 350,000 miles, some 500,000 miles, on the original engine.

I don't know what Italy's standards and laws are, but in places like Japan it really doesn't matter - they aren't allowed to keep their cars and trucks to too high of mileages anyway, so I'm sure they do longer oil change intervals as well.
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