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Discretion, you don't have to be a cop to receive some. I'm not sure what a little out of control means exactly, write a ticket, don't write one, that's their discretion. If you don't think professional courtesy is extended in most industries, you're wrong. In reference to your not digging cops, I hope you apply that emotion consistently, when you're a victim of a crime, get in a wreck, need to serve an order of protection, etc, and don't call for their help.
If I'm in a wreck, I call the police. That's the law. If I'm the victim of the crime, I generally only call the police if it's likely that the situation will escalate, so that, if the time comes that I need to deal with an issue myself, such as needing to act in self defense, it will be on record that I've had issues. The intent in calling them is only so that I don't have problems with them in the future. When I've called them in the past, they have a habit of being wholly unhelpful, and have a tendency to treat crime victims like criminals.
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