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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly View Post
When I went to the BMW dealer in Miami......they didn't tell me anything.
Because no one would talk to me. At all. Not a greeting. No "can I help you"

Nothing. Not even after I sat on a new GS.

So I left.
Nice looking store tho.
Believe it or not, this is the chief complaint of even the car and truck buyers who end up at my store after traveling from Miami-Dade.

Inevitably I always ask why they would travel so far to buy a car when, 1.) they live in Miami-Dade county and we're actually in northern Broward county, and 2.) they must have passed 10 dealerships that sell the same brand I do.

Their answer, nearly every time, has been that the sales staff and dealerships of Miami-Dade were either so rude and pushy, or so unhelpful (and I've got to guess it's that some dealership staff down there just don't speak English well is part of the issue as well) (I know I wish I spoke English and Portuguese - I'd be far more effective as a saleman).

The other percentage of people who travel this far are just those who know our reputation for getting people financed. I guess word spreads amongst those who are prone to forget to make payments or those who have had a car repossessed in the past?

I really don't know. I do know that people come from too far away in the counties to just claim it's because we're nice to them, lol, but a large part of them do.
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