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Originally Posted by ZLTFUL View Post
Ducati also has a long history of expanded/swelling fuel tanks since they started using plastics for their tanks.
Ethanol is the bane of plastic and rubber parts everywhere.

We won't get into the mpg losses, power loss or the simply piss poor political side of it.
Sorry but way too much misinformation out there about ethanol.

There are many plastic fuel tanks that work just fine with ethanol...from the sounds of it these particular ones do not. I would be more upset with the mfg for not using the right plastic. Shame on them for cheaping out on this aspect of such an expensive motorcycle.

Power loss is very fact ethanol adds power to some degree as long as the tuning isn't wrong. If it caused power loss...would it be used by drag racers, indy car etc? Mpg loss...yes, but if an engine is designed to run it (higher compression and advanced timing) mpg loss is reduced.

I don't mean to be argumentative but I see too much of this being spread on the Internet and must chime in.
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