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Originally Posted by Dave in Wi View Post
I had a similar experience at Team Triumph here in Wisconsin a few years ago. It was late summer on a Friday afternoon. I was really interested in the new Tiger 800 and I heard they were very willing to give test rides. So I showed up with my gear.

Walked into the showroom and there were no other customers, just a woman doing some paperwork behind the counter. She didn't say anything when I walked in, which I thought was a little odd, but whatever...

I looked around at gear and bikes until I came to the 800. Looked it over in detail, got on t see how it felt, etc. it became obvious that the woman behind the counter was purposefully ignoring me. So I decided to see how long it would take before she would say anything. I continued to look at the bike, get on & off, etc. for 45 minutes. That's as long as I could take it as it ceased to be amusing. I left, and walked by the counter on my way out as she very seriously kept her head down & shuffled papers. I actually wondered if I had walked in while they were closed, I looked but didn't see any hours posted as I left. If I was seriously considering buying the bike I would have said something to her. Weird encounter to say the least.
Gateway BMW was the opposite. Both times that I've been in there I was talked to in a couple of minutes. Even after telling them that we were only there to look at the bikes they still entertained our questions. When I asked about the HP4 and Competition models the salesman egged me on a little about if I was sure that I didn't want to put down a deposit but it was in fun.

Morton BMW out of Fredericksburg, VA was the same sort of experience. Friendly people and they let me test ride several bikes and even let me borrow some gear since I was there for some training with the Army and didn't have any. It's going to be hard to decide which store to buy from when I finally pull the trigger.

It's kind of refreshing when you find these kinds of dealerships.
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