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Hate to break the news to you but both sides of the argument have spewed misinformation. Why should a manufacture have to pander to the ethanol lobby using a much more expensive ethanol resistant plastic?
Why should manufacturers have to tune for one type if fuel at the cost of performance and mpg for a other?
I am all for valid forms of renewable fuel sources but corn based ethanol is a farce.
Switchgrass is much more effective as a source for ethanol.

You have a point about power *if* a vehicle is tuned for it but mpg suffers even on vehicles tuned for it to the tune of 15-20% in my brother's "flex fuel" Impala. And the cost has rapidly increased to the point where you aren't saving money buying the "cheaper" alternative.

There is a whole thread of arguing back and forth between both sides elsewhere on the forum and this is my last post on the subject. We are all from Iowa here and are very familiar with the ethanol lobby and both sides of the argument and are very aware of the advantages and drawbacks no matter what each side of the argument tries to pass as "information".
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