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No pandering required...just making a fuel tank to handle the fuels used commonly in our country. I can't comment on the cost of the plastic used but can point to all sorts of cars trucks motorcycles chain saws trimmers etc around my place with plastic tanks, none with problems running 10percent or in some cases higher ethanol.

Any given engine should be tuned properly for the fuel it uses. If an engine runs too lean and there happens to be ethanol fuel in the tank...that's not the fuels fault unless it was misrepresented at the pump.

If you really dig into the details, switchgrass is not so practical compared to corn because of the sheer volume it takes to equal corn and other handling issues. I guess I should say... Some day it might be practical...but it isn't now.

Yes there are politics involved but I have more interest in discussing the science and facts as they relate to internal combustion engines.

I avoid ethanol fuel in old equipment/vehicles...and in cases where the fuel will be sitting in the tank for a long time. It absorbs water...particularly if the fuel system is not sealed well.

A little off topic...sure but so are many other posts...nothing wrong with a friendly discussion.
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