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Originally Posted by DudeClone View Post
its how it feels for me. i recall hearing and reading a lot of "press left to go right" stuff and it always sounded strange to me? its not a button. how do you press a handlebar? and so i always imagined it more a push

when i turn now or even change lanes quickly at speed i feel a downward force, the bike planted firm. its just a feeling. and when i am leaning hard into a turn and applying the "press" it feels to me like i am pushing against something that is pushing back. and that push and push back is what is keeping me and the bike straight up and even as one. is the bike straight up? i would argue yes. but its in a turn so appears to be leaning

you see guys all this science is now going to make my head explode. i mean wtf did i just post up there? i feel like i am in another dimension

i have crossed over into The Matrix. and i hate that movie!!
The reason why I asked is because I used to do exactly that on my dirtbike. Sort of like pushing the handlebar down toward the front tire when you make your steering input right? The only thing that pushing down on the handlebar does is make the steering input feel harder (because it is harder). Riding around on the street and not trying to race it doesn't make much of a difference at all. If you need to swerve quickly it can become an issue.

After I learned about counter-steering years ago this is one of the things that took time off my laps around the track. I realized that direction changes are done entirely by turning the handlebar with a counter-steer. Obviously the handlebars are on a fixed axis. So the easiest way to turn is to push the handlebars on that fixed axis. If you try to push on the handlebars in any other direction its nothing but wasted energy.

While standing on a dirtbike its hard to get at that angle but it doesn't take much effort to turn the handlebars anyway. It makes a HUGE difference on the sportbike at speed. It feels like it takes half the steering effort when you push on the handlebars from the right angle.

There's no science in this one, just technique.
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