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Originally Posted by mjfields_228 View Post
It is technically illegal in Florida to stand up while riding. I never knew this until yesterday when Trooper HathCOCK cited me for it while riding my GSA!!!

I have been doing it all along and have even seen LEO's while I was doing it but never had an issue. In yesterdays case, I was rolling I-75 South in between Lake City and Gainesville. Doing about 75mph. There was no traffic in the immediate vicinity, sun was out, road was dry and ambient winds were nill. I only stand for for a brief time while at cruising altitude but will stand up for longer thru construction slow downs or accidents where shit is just crawling.

I don't think I did a very good job trying to sell it to the Trooper. I did try explaining that the GSA is configured for safe operation both sitting and standing but I think he may have never ridden a motorcycle in his life--ever. His mother telling him; "The Motorcycles is EVIL--my precious baby son......" when he was growing up or something along those lines.

$154 and 3 Points or.... $154, plus traffic school $$ and no points.

Or try my luck with the judge!
What did he call it on the ticket?
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