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Interlaken and on.

I stayed at a campground up on the hill in Interlaken a little too far off the beaten path for my tastes. Call me a softy, but I like to park the bike, pitch the tent and sit down for a hardy meal. I was a little too far out to hike, so I stripped down, put on some jeans and rode into town for provisions. I was also beyond too tired to be riding a bike. I picked up a Döner Kebab and something to drink from a small shop by the river and I returned to the camp. I sat on my panniers by my tent chowing down and then I relaxed. In the campground I met some English gentlemen who were on a rock climbing trip. I asked if they had climbed the Eiger North face, and they said they had climbed the Eiger, just not that route. I told them that climbing the Eiger is good enough for me.

The camp in Interlaken. The stuff in the sky is actually para-gliders.

Good morning from Interlaken.

The next morning I woke up early and broke camp. I got a cup of coffee off the campground staff and then I headed to see the Eiger and Jungfrau for myself. I rode up the valley toward Lauterbrunnen. Once there I started looking got a place to sit down and eat. I spotted a cool looking spot, I parked and went up to ask about food. There was a guy and a girl sitting out front and they told me that the food wasn’t that good there. Go figure. I asked them where I could see the Eiger from and they told me to take the cable car up the mountain and I could see it. I debated the cable car ride and decided against it. I rode up on the valley until I could ride no more and then I turned around and set a course for Grindelwald.

The cliffs above Lauterbrunnen.

Riding around Lauterbrunnen.

Lunch under the Eiger.

The Raclette.

The ride through both of these valleys was amazing with massive cliffs and waterfalls. I made it up to Grindelwald and there was the Eiger. I rode around for a minute to find a place to eat and I settled on the pizza place over the train station in Grund. There in the parking lot I met a couple from Israel who said they came to Switzerland for the Air Conditioning. I ordered Raclette at the pizzeria and it was great! I also ordered chicken wings, because I thought the raclette was too small a portion. I was wrong.


So, I got to sit under the Eiger and eat lunch and that was pretty cool. Again, I debated riding the train up the mountain to see the infamous north wall, but I was running out of time so I rode down from the mountains, jumped on the Autobahn and started working my way home. On the way back into Germany the temperature got up to about 80º. Thats a long way form those 40º mountain crossings. I found myself burning up so I decided to stop and cool off with some ice-cream.

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