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No.....both are gyroscopic properties. The wiki article in my previous post has a pretty informational gif.

The gyroscopic action of the wheels does help balance the motorcycle, however the same gyroscopic properties are WHY counter steering works.

Some people have said that it's because you are turning the wheel slightly and thus is falls into line, that is not correct. You don't turn the wheel enough in a counter steer to cause the tire to fall far enough out of line to have the bike fall over.

Try this: In a SAFE place initiate a lean by counter steering. Then release all input in the direction of the lean, unless you are far enough over that the camber of the tires will carry you through the turn, the bike will right itself. You actually have to continually apply the same amount of pressure throughout the duration of the turn to maintain the turn. That is the gyroscopic action at work.
No , that's the steering rake and trail realigning the wheels. The gyroscopic effect only try's to keep the wheel at its current orientation , be it horizontal , vertical or whatever. Hold a spinning bicycle wheel in front of you with the axle horizontal. It does resist movement , but turn it 45 , 90 degrees or whatever and it wants to stay there now.
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