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Originally Posted by kalahari-k View Post
I'm enjoying the report too, but found this question odd. It happily ignores context. It's so important, when making your way down a very long continent by bike, to hold on to that bike. Putting your bike in a hotel room in Mexico, but not in the US, wouldn't suggest to me a different respect for Mexican and US hotel rooms. It suggests a rational concern by a visitor to a country with a much lower per capita income, and pervasive official corruption, that the bike might be less secure unprotected than in the US. Do we know the chances of a mint DR 650 being stolen in Mexico and the US? We do know the difference in consequences. A friend of mine lost an insured bike in Mexico and took 2 years to collect on his insurance after hours of work and expensive lawyer's fees. Would you be as concerned about collecting your payment in the US? In the US a stolen bike would interrupt a trip. In Mexico it would end it for most people.

You do what's necessary to keep it together and moving on the road. Most people reading this report inferred that the bike was put in the room clean and carefully, I'd bet ya. I wouldn't mind sleeping there the next night knowing that it gave security and peace of mind to a fellow biker on a long trip passing through Mexico.
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