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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
The gear isn't for the fall. It's to keep you in the best possible mental and physical condition to AVOID the fall!

it's for that and a lot more. If we dressed specifically to fall we would all wear total armor, or ride in some metal crash designed capsule. We don't plan or try to fall (tho I did when I was younger, on dirt, we planned and did crashes all the time)
Anyhow, with me, just putting on the gear changes my mindset from casual (which seems to be your attitude) to serious. This IS a serious venture we all choose to undertake. Try to get your mind wrapped around the fact that your life is in danger everytime you saddle up. Go from there with the attitude of decreasing the odds against you,,gear, training, practice, and survival attitude. I get pumped up putting on the Sidi's, tourmaster, pants, and big gloves,,and of course my XD!,,it's my way of doing pre-flight checks, and it's fun!
Absolutely how I look at it. Attitude adjustment is part of donning my gear, a moment to reflect on the hazards of riding and time to shift gears from happy traveler to alert and wary rider. It's all part of the process of staying alive in a hostile environment on an unforgiving machine.

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