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Originally Posted by enduro0125 View Post
This has to be the most boring season ever.
a few things to keep in mind. assuming RC's claim to GOAT is legit (itidn't)(he was juiced) RV is making a very serious run at unseating him. as these bikes get more refined each year there will always be a gifted few who can ride them to some significant degree of their potential. him and a handful of others are on another planet. when RV went down in turn one at SW and proceeded to pass half the field or more in 2 laps he wasn't doing it by virtue of his superior conditioning program. we are seeing possibly the fastest rider ever the guy is greased freaking lightning. yes his condition gives him an edge. so does fuel injection and so do fresh tires but when the gate drops he's the one signing the check. it's like getting to watch Rembrandt or Michelangleo but they took months and years to ply their trade RV lays it all down in 30 minutes plus two laps. and if you get bored watching him the supporting cast aren't exactly slouches either. these guys are collectively the best there ever was if by nothing else based on the bikes they are blessed to have available to them. some of the past greats might still bust it big on skyshot but they won't do it sideways and upside down like Barcia does and he's just a damn kid.

if this season was boring you need to get out more or get a bigger TV..
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