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Oh hai!
I hope everyone had a fun weekend. I know I did.
Wow, thanks for all the nice comments!
I'm really glad you guys enjoyed Schofield.

I know you've been waiting for more RR,
so I’ll start with Pearl Pass and then we’ll talk about crash bars and stuff afterwards, okay?

Day 5: 8/5/13
goofing off around Gunnison 119 miles

Matt and I had planned out a brutal 2 week ride for these guys.
Long, hard, days of dirt - sometimes tough due to mileage covered, other times tough due to technical riding.

Of course, this schedule had been dependent on:
1 - good weather
2 - flawlessly running bikes
3 - unhurt riders

Since we had none of the above , it was time to re-evaluate.
Our Day 5 itinerary had called for Pearl Pass, some single track (with luggage), and a night of camping.

Probably not the best plan.
Bartek was in pain, Lica’s knee was hurting, and Scott was having back problems...

The Rodeway Inn was nice, so we decided to stay another night.

Breakfast was included, and it wasn’t bad.
Not the most flattering photo, but it was perfectly adequate grub.

Osito had been our roomie for the night.
Everyone said he snores like crazy, but he was fine.
Quiet as a little mouse.

Everyone was still pretty tired from yesterday.
We laughed about the craziness.
Remember this?
Ugh, digging his bike out with his hands!!

Scott said that on the rainy ride to Gunnison,
he kept trying to wipe his faceshield, but all he did was smear mud all over it.

El Bartek had his own faceshield issues...

Yuck! How do people ride without helmets??

I took some tire pics...
Our Scorpion Rally front.

And rear. 1400 miles at this point.

Scott’s 908

Lica’s 908

Osito’s 908

Radek’s 908

Radek really loves this tire. No, you’re not hearing me.
He LOVES it...

Bartek, on the other hand, was not loving his TKC80.
Not one bit.

Considering that he had been carrying a nice new 908 in yesterday’s mud...
Time to change that.

After his 5 flats on the Baja Wan-Thousand, Bartek is pretty fast now.
He gave us a demo of his new tools...

Motion Pro bead breaker and lever set. He raves about them.

They worked great!

And, they are easier to carry than a bunch of Osos.

Aw, did you see Bartek’s brand-new rim? This was his very first ride on it!
First taco of the taco tour...

I heard he had a matching one on the front rim, too... Aw, Bartek!

Osito had an interesting tip for lubing up the new tire...

Banana peel! Great idea for the trail. (assuming
you like bananas, of course!)

All the mud on the radiators wasn’t going to help the bikes run better...
So, the guys went to a car wash and I got to catch up in my journal.
When Matt came back with a clean bike, I found a good spot for our Fineline sticker!
it covers up some scratches.

Some of the group had done a little shopping, too...
Scott stopped at one of the bike shops to look for new brake pads.
he ended up with new pants instead.

He came back with some tidbits of info, too.
Apparently the guy at the bike shop heard that we wanted to do Pearl Pass.
He said, forget it - you can't to Pearl on those big bikes.
You'll just wreck your bikes.

Matt and I still wanted to do it - Pearl was on the list and we were going to see it, dammit.

We didn’t have many takers, though.
Osito was worn out from Schofield and we didn’t blame him at all.
Bartek and Lica were injured, and Scott didn’t want to aggravate his back.
(the guys claimed that they were just going to take it easy today. They lied, but we will get to that later...)

So, that left us, and the Canimal.
Radek is always up for anything - plus, he had definitely had the easiest time out of everyone on Schofield.
amazing Oso Grande!!

But when he realized that it was just going to be him and us Wans...
Only three 2 and a half Osos? Hmmm.
Radek packed his block and tackle.

I wasn’t anxious to put on my wet boots, but this had been a slow morning.
They had spent some time in front of the heater...

Crap. They were still moist inside...

Pearl Pass, here we come!

As we were driving through Gunnison, we spied the Klim van.
I said to matt, “Hey, is that Mark?”

It was!
With his wife, Rose.

We had all met (Radek, too) last year at the Klim rally!

What a small world!

After a brief chat, we were on our way to the trail...

It had been clear and sunny all morning.
Maybe our luck with the weather had changed!

Heading towards the pass.

Hmm. Then again...

Looks like we had timed it perfectly - we'd be riding in the rain.
When Matt and I were planning, we kept reminding each other that we had to get up to the passes early,
so we wouldn’t get caught in the afternoon thunderstorms...
Stupid is as stupid does.

Flowers for Ladybug!
We actually saw lots of pretty wildflowers in Colorado, but didn’t get many pics.

Maybe because it was always raining.

Blurry. You're used to that by now, right?

It didn’t stop us from having a fantastic ride, though!

We were loving it!

Going up Pearl Pass was awesome!
What a kickass ride! So much fun.
Radek shot some nice video - he’s so cool about filming us.

Matt and I want to thank Radek for being so patient.
We ride at a decent pace, but we’re slower than he is.
Radek always sacrifices his own ride to get footage of us. Gracias, Oso Negro!

HD if you want - lots of rocks!

It’s hard for Matt to return the favor (filming), 2up.
The schoolbus is just too slow and cumbersome.
But he tried to make it up to Radek in Moab (on their solo adventures. )

(You'll have to wait for Day 10 for that footage )

So, we had made it UP Pearl Pass.
But, we had gone the easy way.
Apparently, going down the backside was going to be much tougher...

you know who!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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