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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
You should spectate more and blither less. A V-star 250 , seriously?
I should blither less? Ok.

Yes a 250, I recognize that I am not a strong rider, and need to learn, so I chose a small bike to learn on. I commute on my bike on city/small town/country roads that are all paved, I don't have/make the time long distance cross country trips, I don't ride dirt roads any where, so the bike makes sense and fits what I need at this time. And just who the hell do you think you are to criticize MY choice of bike?

Remember. I made NO comment about you personally or your choice of bike/cage/goat/cow/boat. I responded to a post made by an internet troll who was attacking other people. I did so without an attack on you personally, and with logic. I chose to respond to your posts (knowing what you are and knowing that it was a waste of time)

I'm half in the bag.... What's your excuse?
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