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Originally Posted by dazeedmonds View Post
I should blither less? Ok.

Yes a 250, I recognize that I am not a strong rider, and need to learn, so I chose a small bike to learn on. I commute on my bike on city/small town/country roads that are all paved, I don't have/make the time long distance cross country trips, I don't ride dirt roads any where, so the bike makes sense and fits what I need at this time. And just who the hell do you think you are to criticize MY choice of bike?

Remember. I made NO comment about you personally or your choice of bike/cage/goat/cow/boat. I responded to a post made by an internet troll who was attacking other people. I did so without an attack on you personally, and with logic. I chose to respond to your posts (knowing what you are and knowing that it was a waste of time)

I'm half in the bag.... What's your excuse?
Ya got sand n00b...good for you...

You're doing it the right way..don't let 'em shit ya...(the learning part) rant needs didn't use, cockholster, cum guzzler or twatwaffle and no one'smom got fucked, so I give it a 3.....

Beer..bacon know what to do..
"Ignorance is a powerful tool when applied at just the right time..sometimes even surpassing knowledge.." EJ Potter
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