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Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
Maybe spending $49 might have worked out a lot cheaper than all the various things you have outlined on here?
I'm just ribbing you, guy. I found a metric butt load of unrelated problems that actually did need to get fixed at some point. I knew that going in, i knew that during the entire process, this bike has been very used at some time in the past so there's a lot of "it will still run, oh well" problems in it. Additionally, the whole idea was to try to find out what was actually wrong with it so i could apply that knowledge to other problems i may come across in the future. I guess down the road if anyone has a bike that's running weirdly i'll tell them to go buy the cheapest carb they can find and put it on heh.

Let me try to remember what all i spent chasing this problem:

Spark plugs (3)
Gasket paper
New fuel
Main jets (4)
Two stage reeds
Propane for the torch i cooked the exhaust with
Electrical connectors for the cdi
Choke parts
New CDI box
Time spent (free time isnt free, i suppose)

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but i think the only dumb purchase was the CDI box, but it did help eliminate that as a problem.
So something around 120 dollars or so, most of that stuff i'll use again anyway, i think i made out ok, haha.

That said it does ping when it gets really hot, prolly dicker with the main a little more but it runs fine now otherwise, hooray!
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