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Concerning drilling your own tires for automotive studs, I did it for my truck tires. The local tire shop 'experts' said that they would all fall out right away because of not having the correct ' mushroom shaped' hole. So I proved them wrong by doing a two step drilling process that gave me the correct hole shape (time consuming). Not to mention that I also dipped the studs in rubber cement before riveting them in (extra time consuming and messy). Worked like a charm and only lost 1 or 2 studs a tire over two winters of doing donuts and tail slides at every opportunity. It was definitely worth all the effort (and always enjoyable to prove the 'experts' wrong)

Back to motorcycles, a former coworker did a lot of research into tire studding while making his own studding apparatus that took far less time than the hand gun. He commented that they used a black locktite for extra assurance. His experience was that the locktite bond was stronger than the rubber and studs that did come out had literally ripped a chunk of tire out with it.
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