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Originally Posted by Maoule View Post
I tried various remedies - Aeroflow (it helps, but certain conditions still brought on the buffeting); cut down the stock screen 2" (also helped, but still some buffeting). I finally tried the stiffening trick on the peak/bill (don't remember what thread it was in) of my XD 4 and, voila, no more of the eye-rattling buffeting that scared the shit out of me anytime I got near a big rig. I've tried it in all the conditions that caused issues before as well as some triple digits and I'm happy. I still use the Aeroflow long rides for the wind blocking and noise.
I have come to the same conclusion about the Arai helmets. The bill just is not stiff enough. I am looking to have a carbon fiber version. That should fix the problem. I will report the results when done.
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