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Discretion, you don't have to be a cop to receive some. I'm not sure what a little out of control means exactly, write a ticket, don't write one, that's their discretion. If you don't think professional courtesy is extended in most industries, you're wrong. In reference to your not digging cops, I hope you apply that emotion consistently, when you're a victim of a crime, get in a wreck, need to serve an order of protection, etc, and don't call for their help.
Do you really believe that if someone is not a bona fide votary of the law enforcement profession that he has no right to their duty bound protection? How can you make such an tremendous logical leap? I certainly hope you are not indeed a law enforcement officer.

While, I assume that SCQTT is a citizen and pays his taxes (irrelevant really), I am certain that he is a person and as such deserves equal protection under the law. Cop worship is not a requirement. As for professional courtesy, you are right that it is traditionally extended to a degree in most industries. OTH, seldom does that courtesy include permission to break the law. While, I may agree that law officers should get a little leniency on the most minor of traffic infractions (mostly due to the impact minor infractions can have their careers), the cavalier attitude that "I simply badge em and am on my way" is a "little out of control," IMHO. And this is not even the tip of the iceberg, DUI and domestic violence leniency and/or coverup is reportedly common in addition to other things.
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