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As I read several times, the knee pads are way too low. The top of the pads are below my knee caps which feels weird. On the bike they feel ok, but I think they would fail to protect my knees. I flipped the pants inside out and there is velcro adjustments but it's not enough to move them into place. The armour itself feels really cool but it's much thinner than my Knox stuff. I'll just have to get the pockets modified somehow.

From reading I expected the Overland pants to be a more street fit compared to the Traverse. I don't have them side by side to compare, but find the Overland pants quite bulky which is great to me as I like to layer sometimes. The fit feels a bit unnatural until you're on the bike. The material of course is top notch. Very thick in places for abrasion and thin where possible. I'll probably even layer this suit for snowmobiling and snowboarding.
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