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Day #18 - Arches National Park

Got another early start to the day as we are thoroughly over this heat wave and 100 degree heat. Hitting stuff up is way better when it's only 90 degrees at 7 a.m.

Load up and make the short ride over to Arches National Park.

Beautiful park with all sorts of odd rock formations, arches and balanced rocks.

Mostly pics for you for today....

Driving in:

Balancing Rock:

Skinny Tall Rock Formations. I think this was Cathedral something or another. At this point we've seen so many tall cliffs/canyons that we are starting to get lazy on recording or remembering names of places....

Don't know what this one was called either so my wife called it Cock Rock:

We did a 4 mile round trip hike to see Landscape Arch and that was worth it. Pretty crazy formation made from wind/water erosion.

Double Arch: There was a few arches like this but the temp was over 100 again so we didn't even bother to get off the bike. Most everyone else was making the 2 mile roundtrip hike to stand in the arch or take closer pics. Kind of over it at this point....

Some arch/cave formation thing-a-ma-bob....

At this point I'm seeing beutiful rock formations but I'm just thinking Beer and Cold Pool.

Had enough at this point and we jam back to Red Cliffs Lodge.

We spend Day #18 at red cliffs too just soaking up the AC, Pool time and a few bottles of wine from the winery on the lodges property. Had one of the best Cab's I've ever tasted there. Good stuff

On Day 18 I stop to fill gas I notice that my rear tire is SHOT. It had about 75% of the tread left when we departed and I figured that would have been good enough for the whole trip, especially since we're not even 1/4th of the way yet, but I guess not.

Apparently the combination of scorching hot asphalt, a heavy throttle hand and the extra weight vaporized the vast majority of my tire tread.

I have an extra set of E3's at home so I call my brother and he helps me out big time by overnighting those tires to the HD shop in Vernal. There wasn't any other HD shops around so my next destination (Mirror Lake) gets cancelled and now we'll be going on a tour of Vernal instead...

Day # 19 Vernal to....

Got up the next day and busted 190 miles to Vernal. A fun ride through parts of colorado and then back into Utah. Crossing mountain passes and fun/fast twisty roads. We took the 128 out of Moab to the 70 to the 139.

The 139 had some fun twisty mountain passes with some good views through Northwestern Colorado. It was pretty much a fun ride for most of the way until we crossed back into Utah and then it was straight and hot again all the way to Vernal City.

Here was the highlight of Vernal....

That was it... Super fun... Or something...

Got the tires swapped in an hour and then back on the road. I was seriously OVER this friggen heat and I knew we had nothing but higher elevation mountain riding for the next 4-5 days. I was sooo looking forward to riding in 70-80 degree heat instead of 90-105+.

Swung out of Vernal and took the 191 North. FUN highway that went through the Flaming Gorge National Rec Area and Dam. Didn't get pics from there but it was a beautiful, mountainous highway with nice views. ELEVATION TOO so the temps cooled off a lot.

We're trying to make it as far as we can to our next destination but after we hit the 300 mile mark (of slow twisty roads) we needed a break and stopped at the "World Famous Saddelite Saloon" in Rock Springs Wyoming. Nice bartender lady we chatted with for an hour or so.

We were there pretty early so it wasn't exactly "hopping" in there but it was a fun bar and a little later some locals came in and another rider so we BS'ed with all of them for a bit.

Mama by this point was getting a little homesick so she had to play California Love by Tupac, Californication by the chili peppers and Going back to Cali by Biggy Smalls. Only thing she missed was Hotel California. You can see her in the pic above laying down some homesick beats at the jukebox.

Decided that we should try to get further. Mama was down to stay in Rock Springs but I kind of wanted to get a few more miles down so off we went.

Final destination for the night? Fabulous Pinedale Wyoming! Woot woot!! 191 Highway took us all the way there.

I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to see Mirror Lake and the waterfalls there but oh well. So is life on the road and you have to adjust as you go.

I give mama credit though. 400 miles today of mostly windy/twisty roads. We were in the saddle from 6 a.m. until sometime after 8 PM. 13 hours in the saddle (hour to change tires).

If we had chosen to ride interstates instead of all these twisty highways we could have knocked out 800+ miles today with 13 hours of saddle time but who likes to ride interstates?

Route for the Day. Yellow is what we did. Red is what we were supposed to do. If anyone does this trip in the future the red route is probably more scenic with more things to check out and it's mostly mountain riding with cooler temps.

Slowly but surely we're working our way back to the original route! Today was Utah to Colorado back to Utah to Wyoming. Fun roads for 70% of the day!

Day #20 coming soon....
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